Victor Matom

Victor Matom has been in the photographic industry for over five decades.  Born and raised by his grandmother in Orlando-East Soweto, Victor Matom started his photographic career by filling potholes in Soweto and asking passing motorists for a few coin.  With a little bit of money he saved up, he bought his first point-and-shoot camera and soon supplemented his grandmother’s income as washerwomen and paying his own school fees by photographing friends and small community functions.  It was in 1976; during the Soweto uprising that Victor Matom realized the power of photography in story telling.

I was inspired by the pictures I saw in the newspapers, especially of the uprisings. I thought maybe that was the journey I should take, telling stories. With photographs, the story remains.”

Today, besides having numerous exhibition nationally and internationally to his name, Mr. Matom has an impressive portfolio shooting for prestigious magazines like TIME and Life magazine, opening and running a non-profit photography school in Soweto called Sifikile and mentoring more than a dozen international highly respected photojournalists. He expresses a truthfulness born from a deep understanding of his art. That, and perhaps the long journey he’s walked with the craft, a road which, about two years ago, brought him to processing film using coffee.

On Friday 12 pm, Victor Matom will start with a presentation showcasing his imagery and sharing some of his wonderful stories.  He will then reveal to us an old darkroom technique, which he has adapted, known as the Caffenol-C process, whereby film is processed using coffee instead of the more expensive darkroom chemicals.

Event Details

Name Victor Matom
Date Fri 18 Aug 12:00
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