Live Music | Silent Film

Wȇreld + Surprise Silent Film

Original music performed live by:  JACOB ISRAEL / DONKEY / FRANX / STERREWAG

Wêreld and iMPAC proudly present a live music soundtrack for a surprise silent film (come and find out what it is).

Wêreld is a collective of auteur-driven innovative musical acts, founded and curated by Jaco van der Merwe. For this year’s iMPAC, a gang of Wêreld musicians, spearheaded by Jacob Israel (the Godfather of Gauteng electro), will be performing a live soundtrack for a classic silent film. Expect continuous eye-candy-eargasms emanating from massive sound and a really big screen.

Event Details

Name Wêreld
Date Sat 19 Aug 21:00