Poetry & Music

Flex of He and I

Flex of He & I is an afro-trip band that creates melodies to supplement poetry. Phomolo Flex Sekamotho, hailing from the small dusty streets of Thabong in Free State, fronts this collective. His journey on the train of thought began in high school when he started interpreting his feelings into words and sharing them with close strangers through intimate sessions. He is known for his unique style of delivery, crowd interaction and a skill to evoke emotion. Flex expresses that, “With every opportunity to grace the stage and share myself, I’m trying to take people on a journey – within. So please, journey with me.”

Alongside the performance, original visuals will be screened, making it a fully immersive audiovisual experience.

Event Details

Name Flex of He and I
Date Fri 18 Aug 19:00