Poetry & Music

Souls of Ancient Fish

An installation of soundscapes by Maxim Starcke and spoken word recordings based on short texts by Ruben Mowszowski, featuring, among others, “Buried Ship”, “Green Shutters” and “Hieroglyphs”.

For this project, Max Starcke and Ruben Mowszowski sent rough drafts, back and forth between Kalk Bay and Melbourne.  Their idea was to use short spoken texts and soundscapes to generate mental images in the listener as if they were present at an exhibition. The result of this communique will be installed in a suitably immersive environment during the festival.

“She holds the tracing against the rock face, pushes her hair up from her face, wipes the sweat off her forehead with the back of her arm. ‘When the dead are poisoned they what? Join the living?’ he asks. She does not answer. His secretary is talking to him through his torch. ‘Deluded people Dr Karon, can see very well that they are not Napoleon, but they believe the reflected image is an hallucination of the mirror.’ He scrapes the bat droppings off the wall. Exposes the writing.” – Ruben Mowszowski

Event Details

Name Souls of Ancient Fish
Date Whole festival