SA Underground Cinema: Aldo Lee

Fukushima Mon Amour

Director: Aldo Lee, Poetic Film, 30 min, France/Japan/South Africa, 2013

With references to Marguerite Duras – an erotic poem of natural disaster and bondage as sexual desire. 

Fu-kushima mon amour is a short fiction rooted in con-temporary Japan. Like the film to which it alludes, Hiro-shima mon amour, it tells the story of a brief encounter between a Japanese man and a foreign woman in the context of a terrible human tragedy.

Event Details

Name Fukushima Mon Amour
Date Sat 19 Aug 10:00


Director: Aldo Lee, 30 min, Japan, 2017

An intensely erotic piece about a young girl in Tokyo who is totally obsessed with sound. She goes nowhere without her earphones plugged into her walkman. The ears though play a much more meaningful part in her life in that her job is to clean the ear wax out of people’s ears. More than merely cleaning the wax she takes to consuming it – a particular Japanese erotic indulgence called Mimi Kaki. For those in need of broadening their erotic horizons, Mimi is an ear opener.


Directors: Aldo Lee, Lance Gewer, 30 min, South Africa, 1990.

Concerning an Afrikaans family on the path of disintegration, Sacrifice plots the extremes of human behaviour with a sombre skill. The simple story of the Venter family is presented with an almost Biblical intensity examining the pessimistic side of transition and upheaval in a South Africa about to change forever. Made on a pinhole budget with a cast and crew and equipment on deferrals the film is a landmark of independent filmmaking in South Africa. The Winner of Best Film at the Weekly Mail & Guardin Film Festival Short Film Competition.