Recent South African Short Films

De Deur

Director: Janhendrik Burger, Short Film, 25 min, South Africa, 2017

De Deur is a small decrepit town just South of Johannesburg. The ruins of what could have been happy homes are monuments of failure and suffering. Who still lives there? What keeps them there? A neglected mother is doomed to a life of care. Enveloped by her bitter responsibility she is drowned by her fantasies.

Featuring performances by Nicola Hanekom and Erik Holm.

Event Details

Name Proudly South African
Date Sat 19 Aug 14:00


Director: PJ Kotze, Short Film, 24 min, South Africa, 2016

A dark comedy about the ‘little man’, the invisible citizen, the ‘oom’. Johan Booysens is made redundant by the great corporate machine and as a result is catapulted into premature retirement, but his passion is stirred and he’s not going down quietly. What ensues, is a late -in -life road trip, with some unexpected curves and bends, a little bit of murder and a whole lot of fun. Starring the wonderful Pierre van Pletzen and newcomer Phillipus Boshoff who generate a good deal of on screen electricity.


Director: PJ Kotze, Short Film, 14 min, South Africa, 2016

A short film about two “ooms”, inexplicable radio frequencies, and musings about life, rugby and gay sons.

The Lighthouse Keeper

Director: Wihann Strauss, Short Film, 17 min, South Africa, 2017

An excursion into an insular space and its solitary inhabitant – the lighthouse keeper. What does he do? Who does he love? What does he dream about?

MUSO – The True Story of Johnny Gun

Director: Adrian Loader, Short Film, 16 min, South Africa, 2017

Muso is a mockumentary film that follows Johnny Gun, a guitarist from Brandfort who lives in his sister’s garage. Johnny just received news about a massive opportunity overseas, but no one has any idea how he got it, or why indeed anyone would show any interest in him.