Short Films


A catalog of films made by students of the Open Window Institute selected to be screened at the 2017 Cannes Short Art Film Festival (AVIFF).

THE WELL, Lodewyk Barkhuizen (7:04)

DEW, Trish Houghaard (5:30)


SIT BUKS, Gerhard Thirion (9:20)

MY FAMILY, Ique Langa (5:39)

SCAB, Raymond Honu (4:23)

REVERIE, Kelly Daniels (3:33)

THE CROSSING, Adriaan de la Rey (3:00)

SOUR MILK, Jan Harm (22:00)

ORIGINALE, Louis Minnaar (6:45)

HUMAN, Suzette van der Merwe (3:03)

VENSTERS, Jacinda Barker (7:34)

ANIMA, Celeste Muller (5:44)

ISIBUKO, Vivi Mavimbela (6:15)

YET PEOPLE DO, Charlotte Grub (6:30)

IMMER VERANDEREND, Helene van Tonder (6:29)

AGTER, Albert Botha (6:12)

METROPOLAR, Jotam Schoeman (15:00)

“There is a poor tradition of art film in Southern Africa. In my mind, the lack of this kind of philosophical and ideological expression is apparent in the lack of voice in our cinema. A healthy industry will always be predominantly mainstream, but it should on the one hand, embrace its history, however painful, and on the other hand, proudly promote experimentation in order to remain robust and healthy. The value of art cinema to open up a dialogue that reveals the psyche of a people, their fears and hopes, cannot be stressed enough. Without it, this wondrous medium of film would stagnate. Encouraging this kind of sight-sound engagement in Southern Africa has been a major focus for me. We are appreciative and excited to be involved with AVIFF this year, and to be able to participate and contribute our voice within a global forum of art film lovers.”

Pluto Panoussis (Dean: Open Window)

Event Details

Name OW Cannes Showcase 
Date  Fri 18 Aug 12:00
Name OW Cannes Showcase
Date  Sat 19 Aug 12:00