Design Playground


An installation that serves as a playground for people to explore design in a unique way.
(Elani Botha & Carmen Koetje)

This project aims to make design more accessible through 3D space. The installation will be made up out of three “stages” / boxes that people can interact with and change in some way. People will be able to put their arms, heads and full bodies in the stages as well as change the background and objects in each section.

Some of the interactive levels include a_HEAD, a_MAZE, a_PART, a_ROUND, a_LIVE, a_RANGE, a_SLEEP, A_SHINE and so on.

The audience is free to interact with design elements (colour, line, texture, movement, pattern, typography etc) usually associated with 2D outputs in a 3D space (playground). The audience will be encouraged to take photos with their phones and post their creations on Instagram. There will be a live feed on a Mac as part of the installation for people to see the photos that have been taken during the event. These images will be accessible online.

Event Details

Name a_MUSE
Date Whole festival