Zombie Politics

Les Raisins de la Mort (Grapes of Death)

Director: Jean Rollin, Feature Film, 90 min, France, 1978

A young woman discovers that the pesticide being sprayed on vineyards is turning people into killer zombies.

Cult filmmaker, Jean Rollin (infamous as the high priest of the sex-vampire genre) adds his voice to the zombie genre with Grapes of Death where the proletariat in the French countryside are driven to consume each other after being poisoned by Monsanto-like farming methods on the wine estates. The plot concerns a dangerous pesticide which is applied to grapes in a wine-producing region, turning the inhabitants into insane zombie killers. There is plentiful nudity and violence for the exploitation crowd, as well as crucifixion and a topless woman being impaled with a pitchfork by her own father. Horror fans will note the numerous similarities to Jorge Grau’s hit Breakfast at Manchester Morgue, while mainstream viewers…well, they probably won’t be watching in the first place.

Event Details

Name Grapes of Death
Date Sun 20 Aug 17:00