Zombie Installation (FPS)


MOMO - The making of the making of

Director: Jaco van der Merwe, Short Film, 25 min, South Africa, 2017

Two heroes emerge somewhat unexpectedly from the suburbs of Pretoria, South Africa, armed with handycams and a burning desire to make movies. As well as a burning desire to set everything on fire. When PJ and Arra are invited to shoot some “behind the scenes stuff” on an actual sci-fi movie set, by an attractive female director that Arra has been chatting up at a house party, they are thrilled. The film set turns out to be favourably combustible, in pretty much every way imaginable, and what unfolds before the cameras becomes the world’s first and only “making of the making of”, or “MOMO” as PJ coins it.


Event Details

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Date Sun 20 Aug  17:00