SA Documentary

Eerste Water

Directors: Hélène Smit, Adriaan de la Rey, Lodewyk Barkhuizen, 84 min, South Africa, 2016

The film considers the complex interplay between the individual psyche, the social fabric, and the arid land which sustains life in the Karoo. Local Prince Albert residents tell of divergent lives: of devotion to care-giving beyond the bounds of family; of the philosopher farmer’s relationship with the land; of losing parts of oneself; and of friendship whilst at the mercy of a system that is failing.

The Origin

The film is based on the book: Beneath – Exploring the Unconscious in Individuals.

Beneath is a comprehensive introduction to the subject of depth psychology, using an integration of photography, illustration, poetry and prose. Depth psychology studies the part of the human psyche that is not immediately available to conscious thought, but nevertheless seems to have a profound impact on human behavior. It attempts to understand the deepest roots of our engagement with the world. Beneath provides some very useful answers to WHY we do the things we do, and HOW we can change ourselves. It explains the logic of mental structuring and resultant behavior in a way that assists individuals to gain a greater understanding of their psychological make-up.

Beneath was written by Helene Smit, and edited and designed by Pluto Panoussis, and published in 2011.

Event Details

Name Eerste Water
Date Sat 19 Aug 19:00