Brazilian Film Focus

Delírius Insurgentes

Directors: Fernando Mamari, Deborah Raposo, Feature Film, 85 min, Brazil, 2016

João, a promising painter, lives the dilemma of entering the world of glamour, parties and drugs, or assuming a political stance in a society in revolt. Surreal characters such as the Businessman, Miss Vi and the Dead Anarchist accompany João’s journey through the perilous labyrinth of the mind and the possibilities of perception.

Charles T. Tshuma, the Founder and Creative Director of jAMaCre_Outernationale in partnership with PAJE as Afrikan Airwaves | Cultural Capitals Express© is responsible for curating and bringing to the Festival the Paje Film Catalogue. Pajé Produções Cultura is a Brazilian film and cultural initiative. It has a creative nucleus composed of directors writers, producers, photographers, and publishers with diverse trajectories and avaried audiovisual skills. We believe in collaborative art, in art that reaches everywhere and all people, in social and political responsibility, in the democratization of access to culture, in culture as a liberating force, and in art as revolutionary.

Event Details

Name Delírius Insurgentes
Date Sat 19 Aug 12:00