Anton Kotze Retrospective


Safari Obscura

Director: Anton Kotze, 65 min, South Africa, 2009

The first animist movie claims the director Anton Kotze and he might very well be right. Kotze having built up a vast collection of African fetishes and immersing himself in the high-roads and by-roads of African myth, shot a truck-load of footage which is the visual basis of this film. Most films says Kotze look from the light into the darkness. This film looks from the darkness into the light and back again. Starting from the darkness of the womb, the film goes into a continent where animism is the key and where the Gods are killed and eaten as part of the process of renewal. Informed by Dziga Vertov's The Man with the Movie Camera, Kotze shot everything and anything that entered his vision and in the editing process, after throwing images around in a cut-ups method inspired by William Burroughs, the internal logic made itself clear and each image is overlaid, overlaid and overlaid again into visuals where each frame is a mandala with shamanistic content. Kotze's African journey is a transcendental odyssey amongst primitive gods, zebra crossings, chaotic cities, bypassing Mr Kurtz to go a bit further to the Gods just beyond the fence.


Event Details

Name Safari Obscura
Date Sun 01 Oct 18:15