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Director: Ricardo Carrasco Farfán, Feature Film, 95 min, Chile, 2014

The Kellys are a family of high social expectations. Juan Kelly, the father, is a direct descendent of European: and Sofia Arteaga, the mother, belongs to the embers of an already diffuse aristocracy, but always proud of this status. Juan is not very intelligent but he loves his family. Sofia has seen her husband fail again and again. The Kellys are a family that likes pretending and will even pretend to go on vacation while locking themselves at home.


Ricardo Carrasco Farfán has a Degree in Fine Arts from The Catholic University of Chile. He has also received a Diploma in Documentary Direction of The Film & Television School of San Antonio de Los Baños (Cuba), and from Atelier Varan (France). He has directed the features films “Sweet Deal” (2001) and “Family holidays” (2014), and a host of documentaries including,“The Coal Miners” (1992) and “The Minga which moved Tey´s old church”(2001). 

Event Details

Name Family Holiday
Date Fri 18 Aug 16:30