German Cinema


Director: Roland Klick, Feature Film, 94 min, West Germany, 1970

Deadlock is a metaphysical western filmed in a dust-trap out in the Negev desert. It’s an effective
homage to Leone though very much its own film as well. A couple of guys pull off a heist and
make their separate ways out to the desert to hole up until attention has died down. There are
three inhabitants of the small mining town, Dump who has some sort of caretaker role in relation
to the disused mine, Jessy a young girl, and Corinna, an older lady, each waltzing with their own
personal oblivions, as crazy as you like. There’s a cartoonish element to most murder in the
movies, but the first part of this movie rather emphasises how difficult it is to kill someone, how
you have to go against all the hardwiring in your head that says not to. So when the violence
does happen, it hits home pretty hard. Itss a tough movie, with no happiness at all, filled with
loneliness, and it sort of hints at the impossibility of friendship and the abject selfishness baked
into us all. For me it felt like watching it was a spiritual exfoliation.

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Name Deadlock
Date Sat 19 Aug 12:00